my life

i am glad the warriors and giants are doing well recently because i have suffered long enough. i have never been to hawaii. i suck at golf. i have a good-looking wife and kids. i miss driving a car with a manual transmission. i donate money every month to the aclu and eff. my right shoe wears down differently than my left shoe. i have gained 5 pounds since i began working at a startup in san mateo because they offer free food and drinks.

my show

breaking bad

my rides

    toyota mr2

      geo prizm

        volkswagen passat

          bmw z3

            volkswagen gti

              bmw z4

                audi s4

                  honda civic hybrid (ouch!)

                    ac transit van hool a300

                      the silver bullet

                        honda civic hybrid (again!)

                          vta gillig phantom 9813

getting ditched by your brothers

so much for sticking by your friends in their time of need.


i hope this wasn’t intentional


problems with a gay nfl player


i’ve seen all these guys before

…one (or more) of them might even be me

conan and ice cube violating the lyft app

half-breed comedy

i like how half-breeds can make fun of both of their own races. both key & peele are half-black and half-white so they can actually make slavery videos.

go back to spain ricky rubio

the day that i get excited about the warriors now that harrison barnes got back into action, ricky rubio hurts our boy steph curry.

what better time to start posting again

it’s been a while since i’ve really added my usually useless commentary on mundane things i have stumbled upon while browsing. maybe this is why i like seinfeld so much, which is really a show about nothing. let’s watch the safety dance video to get things warmed up again.


clear my cookies

clearing the cookies. sounds familiar, no? i mean, um, no, sound familiar?

me and 33 million others like this one too

my kind of pope

my kind of pope

pope francis is my kind of pope. who would come down to shake hands and take a selfie?

pope francis high five

he might piss off the hard-core catholics with his stance on homosexuality, but i think he is just speaking his mind, which is very refreshing to hear [the argus online]

who is this new guy? he sounds good to me. the catholic church can often be too old and crusty, which explains the rise of more progressive churches and increasing number of people leaving churches altogether.

here’s a picture of pope benedict, and his ‘processions’

pope benedict procession

see the difference?