madison bumgarner “chugs” 6 beers

is that how they roll in hickory, nc? katie nolan had something to say about the term “chug” since it really seems like he’s pouring it on his face and not really drinking it. on her show, she actually does chug 6 beers AT THE SAME TIME using some fancy straw work. i don’t know if drinking out of a straw really could really be a “chug” but doing it 6 beers at a time is impressive.

mini-me, you complete me

tri-wedding-mateo-phoneit’s cute that he wants to be just like daddy, from checking the phone for important business to blue shirt and shoe. we both had some important work to tend to during tri’s wedding. mine was dealing with rogue DHCP servers messing with our network and his was regarding Roblox. regardless, it couldn’t wait until after the reception.

the german teaser


when considering a new car, i had originally planned on getting a bmw 550i with a beastly 5-liter, 8-cylinder engine producing 330+hp. It was a step down from the 400+hp 10-cylinder M5, but still fast enough to meet my power requirements. after some thought, i got a chevy volt, since it was neat to have an electric car and to also get the green carpool stickers, which would super valuable during my daily drive to san mateo. to put things in perspective, the chevy volt has a 1.4-liter 4-cylinder engine making 84hp.

I get daily satisfaction when I cruise in the carpool lane passing all the traffic on 880 and 92 and haven’t looked back about the choice I made. but, in the last few weeks i’ve noticed a lot of 550i’s driving around. twice in the last week I come out to my car in the parking lot and there’s a 550i parked right next to me, taunting me and questioning my decision. STOP!

steve masters live 105

i’ve been driving my daughters car to work the past few weeks so i’ve had the opportunity to listen to the radio since there’s no pandora or bluetooth. my default radio station for a couple decades has been modern rock/alernative live 105 (KITS 105.3 FM). in the past couple years, i might have tuned in for a song or two if i was lazy to play pandora through my phone, but i’ve had the opportunity to listen now for a couple hours each day while driving across the bridge. in the first day or two, i was getting used to the playlist, but after a couple days passed, i realized how far live 105 has fallen since the glory days.

i suppose it’s hard to maintain the continuity when your station is bought and sold several times and the music format completely changes from modern rock to hip-hop to top 40 and back again. the part that annoys me the most is the lack of local personalities on the station. it seems that shows are pre-recorded by some DJ at a CBS Radio park in montana somewhere. the same dj’s are doing the same thing on 3 or 4 other CBS stations around the country but we’ll never know.

there are still some guys working hard to keep the station afloat. steve masters is back on the radio after some time away and aaron axelsen works 80 hours a week with subsonic and sound check, but there’s just something missing without the local banter. the morning traffic also is just a few seconds long, mostly covering the status of the maze. what about the rest of the bay area? today, 92 westbound was closed for 3 HOURS and it wasn’t mentioned at all. where is [sal castaneda] and the black shadow? oh, that’s right – he’s reporting actual traffic at channel 2.

sal castaneda live 105

Tthe music rotation is also stale. the top 25 alternative songs play every hour it seems [live 105 playlist]. where’s the variety? cognos ‘come with me now’ has played 9 times in the last 18 hours. that’s once every 2 hours. it’s  a also terrible song, which is why i notice it even more.

RIP live 105

[wiki on live 105]



fremont schools teach masturbation

fremont schools made the news with their new sex-ed book. i think it’s great that kids learn about things like comparing a flaccid penis with a hard penis, vibrators, bondage, orgasms, masturbation, double-penetration and threesomes. kidding about the last two, but they might as well cover it. kids learn all this stuff online and they might misunderstand what a ball gag is. the parents who are complaining are setting their kids up to learn all this from their friends, who, as we know, can be a trusted source of this kind of information.

some parent is complaining about the book showing a diagram of the fallopian tubes. really? one problem is that a lot of kids in fremont are nerds and will probably graduate high school as virgins. the parents believe that this book will be the first time their kids have seen something like a limp penis.

i am behind the board about introducing their kids to this material.