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working sunday linkparty

while i am bored at work, and i don’t get to hang with the family, i am somewhat comforted knowing that i got paid several hundred dollars to browse websites this whole weekend. here’s some of the stuff i ran into:

one of the best youtube videos i have seen [urban ninja]

nifty ny times story makes me want to move to canada []

this guy captured the iss with his camera, looks like a sunspot [wohba]

surprise, surprise: farming out work to india isn’t all giggles [la times]

someone quantifies how much women talk compared to men []

marcos likes airplanes

since my parents live under a main airplane route by san jose airport, there are always a bunch of planes flying over. now, anytime there’s an airplane-type of noise, marcos looks to the sky for the airplane. he’s pretty good at spotting them – almost as good as daddy, who can still identify airlines and airplane models. you can thank grandpa for working at lockheed and us going to every moffett air show.

i ran across this picture of planes landing at the airport in st. maarten in the netherlands antilles. apparently, you can hang out at maho beach, which is like 30 feet from the runway and get pictures like this:

i think marc might be a little overwhelmed if the plane was that close but it would be pretty neat.

friday linkfest

some interesting articles i ran across over the last couple days

five tips to increase your likeability [prometheus]

how to make a family tree in microsoft office [digital inspiration]

kids made a fake myspace and their parents get sued for it []

this makes me want to get an alarm system again [mt democrat]

5 days off!

since mom and pop are heading out of town to visit the whiteside, i’m taking a few days off work to hang with marcos since he’s not quite old enough to stay home on his own. I think he probably could stay home on his own, but then I would go to jail and that wouldn’t be the right thing to do. i have a huge list of things i want to get done during the days off, but who knows what i’ll get around to as the days roll on.

i want to be lazy during these next days, but i think hanging with marcos will prevent that from happening.

marcos playing with the wheelchair

so i brought marcos in for a checkup because he’s been tugging at his ear a little. the dr said it was a low-grade ear infection and i got some amoxicillin from the pharmacy. i’ll wait a day or so before giving it because i don’t want to give him antibiotics if i don’t have to.

while we were waiting for the doctor, he started to bang away at this wheelchair in the corner and tried to push it around. the loud thrashing scared one of the more timid infants waiting with this mom. this kid is going to be a monster.

i survived week 2

unless pittsburgh’s defense has 10 takeaways, then i will be at 1-1 by tomorrow night. 1-1 is a good place to be, way better than 0-2. way better.

my new favorite sandwich

i had a pastrami and swiss on rye pannini (the “pacific”) at safeway today that was probably one of the top 5 best sandwiches i have ever tasted. why is this called a pacific? it’s more chicago or boston than anything else.

i have only a picture of a partially-eaten sandwich because i was too busy enjoying it to bother taking a picture of it.

so if you need a favor from me, bring one (or two) of these along and we’ll talk.

tables turned on dog the bounty hunter

seems that dog the bounty hunter had his roles reversed when he took down andrew luster, the convicted rapist, out in mexico. turns out that kidnapping of any kind, of a regular person or fugitive, is illegal in mexico and now dog and a couple of his cohorts are in a mexican jail.

court tv has more information on the whole thing.

happy friday!

that’s all…no pictures or anything. i’m working this weekend anyway – so i’ll post some more stuff tomorrow.

top 10 jackbutt episodes

i remember alyssa and i used to watch jackass, but we wouldn’t let her say the word ass, so she would say jackbutt. strangers who visited the house had no idea what we were talking about. these episodes were pretty funny.

visit for the collection of youtube videos.