busy weekend

the last day of work was on thursday and i was able to duck out of there pretty quick without anyone knowing – much better because i don’t like all the attention.

i had my lasik done on friday morning and then slept the rest of friday and into saturday. the procedure was uneventful except for the wonderful smell of that laser burning away part of my eyeball. i woke up saturday with a headache, but after dropping some pillz, i felt much better. my vision is now much improved, especially night vision! many thanks to my wife and parents for this wonderful gift. the early test said my vision is 20/15 in the right eye and 20/20 in the left eye. the doctor didn’t mention anything about my brown eye.

went out on saturday night for feli’s birthday at hukilau and some other places downtown. the food was good and i’m anxious to go back again to try all the different dishes, but not at once because i would get full pretty quick. had some drinks in downtown and after last call, i had to escort my sister to safety from the throngs of men who struck out and now were cackling, making kissing noises and honking their car horns at her (and me, i suppose). i can’t ever see that as an effective pick-up method, but if you know me, you’ve heard me go on about that before. i wondered if they may have been honking at her because she was walking the streets of sj barefoot?
so i slept for a few hours and then went out to troy & gina’s wedding up in napa. surprisingly, i wasn’t all that tired and i think it was because i slept for about 18 hours the night before. had a full four-course meal with wine pairings at the reception and so i collapsed once i hit the bed that night.

drove back this morning and wound down the weekend with an excellent enchilada casserole for the birthday family dinner. went home and filled out a couple thousand forms for my first day of work tomorrow.

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