down in la the last couple days

i have been down here in marina del rey the last couple days and i’m on my way way. i went and visited tri in the biggest hospital i think i have ever seen in my life. he seemed to be wearing his paper gown pretty well. he also said some of the nurses there are pretty hot and that he’s feeling gross in his gown getup.

i played basketball for a couple hours with chester last night and nearly blacked out from the activity. it was a good tuneup for abe’s turkey day basketball challenge coming up in a couple weeks.

and, i saved the biggest news for last, but i had a mcrib sandwich last night! finally! i felt like ordering 100 and taking them home and putting them in the fridge for later consumption, but perhaps i’ll just wait to see if they come back to the bay area in the next months.

friday linkfestivalparty

i wonder if i can sneak in the new borat movie this weekend somehow. in the meantime, enjoy these fine stories:

jon stewart interviews borat [comedy central]

the true meaning of “rapping paper” []

real life professor ratings. lesfeli could maybe add some here [biz of knowledge]

cool tag collection of presidential speeches. move the slider to the left to go back to the year 1900 []

keep track of your cingular minutes right from firefox []

Happy weekend everyone.

the mcrib is back (maybe)

but this time mcdonalds is saying it might be the last time they bring it back. wah!

there is, however, a website which you can visit to petition to bring the mcrib sandwich back again and again. i’ve already put in my 20 cents worth. please take a moment to visit the site and put your vote in. i would much appreciate it!