day before weekend linkfest

one more day to the weekend. here’s some stories to pass the time.

san jose mercury news reviews various bacon brands [sjmn]

outrageous injustice in the sports world (longish) [espn]

one-hour marriages in iran [jerusalem post]

29-year-old man poses as 12-year-old to enroll in junior high [cnn]


some cool macro photography of bugs [flickr]

nice weather in la this weekend

i’m heading down to la for the weekend. the weather looks nice – maybe nice enough to hit the beach, like this fine lady:

kidding – i would never wear a baseball cap to the beach.

i want to take flying lessons

if i were to come across some huge chunk of money, i would probably quit work and take some flying lessons. as a little kid, i thought i would be an airline pilot. i just don’t want to end up like this guy:

napping at work

sometimes when the baby is up at night, or i’m working late on some home computer project, i can be a little drowsy at work. i’ve taken some car naps before, but they can be unpredictable because i have been known to ignore that ringing alarm clock for an hour or more. i thought this article was fitting:

The Art of Covert Napping

The Washington Post notes that there’s been no shortage of media reports over the last few years about sensitive employers giving workers permission to nap. Some even provide “relaxation rooms.”

But with companies demanding more from smaller staffs in recent months, employees aren’t so interested in that perk anymore, fearful that they’ll do most of their dozing in the unemployment line.

So on-the-job napping, while not going away, is being done on the q.t., according to the Post.

William Anthony, author of “The Art of Napping at Work” and operator of, tells the newspaper that one of the most popular tactics is to escape to the parking garage to catnap in the car.

“Another odd place people say they nap is in the restroom, sitting on the toilet, resting their head against the side or back wall,” Anthony says. “It’s private; they can lock the door. The more industrious nappers construct pillows with extra toilet paper rolls for maximum comfort.”

Even cubicle dwellers can catch a few Zs if they’re resourceful, says Anthony.

“The cubicle is a most nap-unfriendly environment, but some manage by spreading papers out on their desks, clutching a pencil in their fingers and pretending they are absorbed in reading. Others assume the ‘thinking position,’ with their head in their hands and their back to the door.

“But the best one I’ve heard lately came from a guy who holds a bottle of eyedrops in one hand, tilts back in his chair and closes his eyes. That’s truly artful napping.”

got some bloc party tickets


muse was the other band to see, but i might skip them because i just heard that morrissey is coming to the warfield in sf. i haven’t seen anything in writing about this, i just heard it on the radio. it doesn’t sound too far-fetched, though, as he is playing three shows in early february down in pasadena (which sold out in 10 minutes, if the radio report was truthful). i’ve already alerted the other old britpop junkies out there and we’ll be scanning for the link to buy.

i want the iphone

although i probably won’t get it for a year, i want to let it be publicly known that i do want the new apple iphone

i am aroused.

[thanks to engadget for the pictures…they have some of the best geek reporting]

neat picture

a close up picture of some velcro. it’s scary-looking this close, almost like some alien landscape. hard to believe that it was discovered by a man walking his dog, after getting some of those burrs stuck to his pants.