attack of the sharpened kite strings

saw this article come across the wire:

At least 11 people died and more than 100 people were injured at an annual spring festival in eastern Pakistan celebrated with the flying of thousands of colourful kites, officials said today.

The deaths and injuries were caused by stray bullets, sharpened kite-strings, electrocution and people falling off rooftops yesterday at the conclusion of the two-day Basant festival, said Ruqia Bano, spokeswoman for emergency service in the city of Lahore.

The festival is regularly marred by casualties caused by sharp kite strings or celebratory gunshots fired into the air.

Kite flyers often use strings made of wire or coated with ground glass to try to cross and cut a rival’s string or damage the other kite, often after betting on the outcome.

i like how they mention “sharpened kite strings”. why haven’t these killer strings made it to the us? that would make for an interesting csi tv show.

rainy weekend links

the rain has been falling for a couple days now, which gave me some time to find some interesting sites.

penelope cruz in her early days [youtube]

scientific benefits from intercourse [msnbc]

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nothing says classy…

like 5 people claiming to be the daddy of your baby, which is what’s happening in the anna nicole smith news at the moment.

also further exemplified when one of the guys is currently incarcerated and wrote his affidavit on yellow lined paper:

2sday links

oppressive mother kept 3 daughters locked up for 7 years [times uk]

copy dvds to your ipod video for free [lifehacker]

dept of homeland security images on how to cope with a terrorist attack [safenow]

napping in the daytime can make you live longer – really [usa today]

the site got messed up

not sure how it happened but i had to wipe things clean and reinstall wp. i saved some of the posts, but i think the stuff i imported from my previous pivot implementation were lost. oh well.

kate beckinsale’s feet

kate beckinsale was recently photographed at some movie premiere. i don’t have a foot fetish, but i think most men would agree that, in general, your toes should at least be on the frickin shoe a little more and not hanging over the edge:

close up

that is teh fug. x