bay area restaurant review

stumbled upon this excellent website with some random restaurant reviews by some bay area natives, jason and terry (not to be confused with jason terry of the future nba champion dallas mavericks). since i eat out almost every meal, it’s useful to have some reviews of places before trying something new. visit to read the reviews.

while they were in the field doing their testing, they also collected unsavory information about some of the restaurants they visited. they were nice enough to not call them out publicly, but some of the pictures are interesting.

i hope that’s a knuckle hair!

proof that restaurants do not wash their fruits before serving

you can see the rest of the pictures here

post mid-week link orgy

we’re past the middle of the week already – doesn’t even seem like that. i’m going to meet up a couple old work peeps tonight at hola’s. in the meantime, check these out:

there’s no reason for these people to live []

scientific analysis of the best caffiene buzz per dollar [light reading]

nothing separates nerds from their money like hot booth babes [techpowerup]

pictures of goats in trees (really) [flickr]

new fastrak payment system

so i’m a semi-regular user of the fastrak system here in the bay area. if i forget my transponder one day, then a camera reads my license plate and my account just gets charged. seems like they dont have that advanced system in this particular country and you just get bent over instead.

late night studying for finals links

the girls are “studying for finals” tonight by watching television and popping zits reviewing their material. in the meantime, here are some links for your tuesday.

a completely automated parking garage – no workers [ny times]

surprise! men are interested in crotches [kottke]

family takes pictures of themselves for 30 years [zone zero]

lastly, use google for free mp3’s. paste this into the google search bar and replace “new order” with the band you want and lots of people’s personal mp3 stashes are revealed – download for free!

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happy st paddys day!

being of irish descent, i’d like to wish you a happy st patrick’s day. it’s a holiday which we don’t know much about but is usually synonymous with heavy drinking and an excuse to grab and pinch people that aren’t wearing green. the guy below obviously exudes the classiness we’ve come to expect from the irish people.

the new barry for the giants

barry bonds run might be over as the main barry for the giants as barry zito moves in. i surely want to watch a couple of his games this summer. i’m not saying he’s going to resurrect the giants and make them contenders, but at least we have someone exciting to watch this season. let’s hope that he stays as healthy as he was with the a’s. i don’t think he missed any games due to injury during his whole run there.

i won’t comment on the giants acquisition of dave roberts and rich aurilia or having ray durham bat cleanup behind barry bonds.