finally, a free weekend

so this weekend was mostly free, which was great because the weather was fantastic. marcos and i headed up to sandy wool lake and started up on a trail. we made it about a half-mile up before he got tired and wanted me to carry him. i didn’t expect a lot out of him this first time out but i couldn’t ascend any further up the trail having to carry him up. so we headed back down and took a stroll around the lake instead. hopefully, i can work on him a little bit more this summer and get him to the top of monument peak. i snapped a couple outdoorsy pics on the way up before i had to carry him:

i also finally switched out from pacbell dsl’s service to sonic. it’s still technically a pacbell dsl line, but it’s sonic providing the internet and support for it. so far, i have called support three times, mostly to sort out static ip address details and each time the call has been picked up before i hear one entire ring on my phone. each time, the support person has answered my question correctly and promptly, and without needing to transfer out to some second-level support person. also, everyone has been a local and no thick indian or filipino accent. double-plus thumbs up, so far, for, based out of santa rosa. even if i have a faint lingering association of greg crowder.

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