back from socal…for tonight

just came back from a 4-day weekend in la with the family. alyssa had her annual national competition at the anaheim convention center. her team did great and would have finished first if it wasn’t for a slight wobble during their second performance.

i’ve posted pictures of both days in the photo section – no login required for now. after all the cheer business had subsided, we got to hang out at disneyland and california adventure, which is probably the best family time we’ve had in a long while.

here’s a couple memories from the past weekend, in no particular order:

1. eating all the time. i think we gained about 10 pounds from trying all the food inside and outside the park. case in point – we had tony roma’s one night since it’s right across the street from the hotel. it left such a mark that we decided to have it again the following night. marcos took part in the calorie party by drinking directly from a coffee creamer with a straw at ihop.

2. tri came down from la to watch the cheer competition on saturday, although i think it was thinly disguised as a recruiting trip for the various girls (and their moms/aunts) that were in attendance.

3. getting dizzy at the mad tea party. i thought it would be fun to get our spin on but then regretted it afterwards when i started to sweat from the work and also pick up some motion sickness along the way.

4. having some middle eastern family cut in line in front of us when we weren’t looking for a minute. they sported excessive plumpness and massive body odor so we were less confrontational then usual because their lives were already tough without having to add leslee’s fists to their otherwise miserable existence.

5. coming home and realizing that i wore the same shirt – my gray vans striped polo – this weekend as i did the last time i was in disneyland. splendid.

december 2005:


april 2007:

the best part is that i am headed back to la tomorrow for work. it’s just for the day, but i’ll be flying again in less than 7 hours. crikey.

*you can see pictures of alyssa’s cheer competition and our disney weekend in the photos section of the website.

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