45.2 mpg is pretty good

so i picked up a honda civic hybrid a couple weeks back. i wanted to get something with the carpool stickers so i could save some precious morning and afternoon time. with the wife finishing up school, i’m on kid duty and i could easily save 45-60 minutes each day by scooting along in the carpool lane. another side benefit is that I double the audi’s gas mileage without even trying.

on this tank of gas, i got 45.2 mpg and went over 500 miles on a single tank of gas, which is just over 10 gallons to fill up. in this age of $4 gas, this represents a huge savings. it’s a big change for me, too, because i’m starting to give in and realize that there are more important things to spend your money on besides cars. i never thought i would get to this point, but i guess everyone does eventually. i’ve had the opportunity to drive some nice cars, but i’d rather spend my hard-earned money on some more rewarding things, like my kids, wife, and house.

anyway, i’m also geeking it out and making some neat charts/graphs of my mileage with the hybrid. i’m sure you’re all anxious to see them.

2 thoughts on “45.2 mpg is pretty good”

  1. Bro,
    I’ve been meaning to tell you. You look damn sexxy in this car! It’s actually kinda cool. I imagined you driving in a Prius or something. lol

  2. its the sexiest of the hybrid cars. a recent study said civic hybrid buyers are more than twice as likely to have real live girlfriends than prius owners.

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