as if i could talk about anything else

well, the warriors are advancing to the second round after defeating the mavs tonight. i never thought this would happen in my lifetime. they were on fire, hitting all the shots and getting all the rebounds over what looked like a junior-college team. as the 3rd quarter slaughter came to an end, it was strange because the game got boring all of a sudden – mostly from them warriors having a 20-point lead. a little part of me wishes the game were closer, but then if that happened, the warriors might find a way to lose the game.

richardson had some good dunks. as the elder statesman on the warriors, he deserved it more than anyone:

and this picture is one of my favorites, because usually the roles are reversed with the white guy getting the crotch-facial from the black guy. does it really count because desagana diop is from senegal and andris biedrins is from latvia? damn straight it counts:

we’ll find out their next-round opponent this saturday. i think they can finish off the jazz or rockets, but the suns will be the true test.

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