happy friday!

this shirt would be good for flee because she’s always lmao’ing when chatting, even though i suspect her face is making no motions whatsoever while she’s typing that.

3 thoughts on “happy friday!”

  1. So that explains where it went?! HAHAHAHA I mean LMAO!! A majority of the time I am smiling. Arseface! That’s it, I’m not making your dinner plate anymore!

  2. i take some of that back, then, since you did make me that dinner plate. very much appreciated. maybe we can invent some new acronyms to accurately reflect your facial expression, such as msfalb (made smiley face a little bit) or lc (light chuckle) or even lshipmpal (laughed so hard i peed my pants a little). also, i think we should abolish the FA out of lmFAo because everyone in our family except for iz and liz has the “FA” to deal with.

  3. You’re right! I need to get mine to the “Him”nasium. It’s been misbehaving! It sucks to get old! I never knew being over the hill meant all this extra baggage!

    Even Marc has a little junk in his trunk.

    Say shizzle…Sizzle… Great examples we are!

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