paris hilton is going to jail

sure, it’s old news now and i’m not usually following these bratty kids around, but this quote i read yesterday was too good to pass up:

Yesterday a woman visiting her mum at the jail said inmates shower together and a large group of “very masculine lesbians” prey on them. She added: “This place is bad. Paris is not going to make it.” Denise Chavis, visiting her sister in the jail, warned Paris: “If you act like you’re all high-class and uppity, you’re done.”…And Hilton better hope the inmates don’t remember the videotape broadcast widely on YouTube that shows her mocking Jewish and African-American people. “She better learn to bite her tongue”…..In the big house, Paris will have to make two pairs of socks, one bra, two pairs of panties and two blue jumpsuits last for a week. “You have to take your underwear and wash them out in the shower,” said Chavis, whose sister has been in the jail for the past month on a stolen car charge.”

[taken from idlyitw]

hottest day of the year links

it was 90 degrees today and some guys are trying to organize a basketball game at lunchtime. marvelous. i stayed in to read some interesting stories like these:

the most useless cat in the history of cats []

turn any t-shirt into an instant ninja mask [tinypic]

11-year-old girl kills two home invaders with a gun []

funny rustling noise in boy’s ear turns out to be a nest of baby spiders []


pictures of china as you may have never seen. well worth the few mins [zonaeuropa]

as if i could talk about anything else

well, the warriors are advancing to the second round after defeating the mavs tonight. i never thought this would happen in my lifetime. they were on fire, hitting all the shots and getting all the rebounds over what looked like a junior-college team. as the 3rd quarter slaughter came to an end, it was strange because the game got boring all of a sudden – mostly from them warriors having a 20-point lead. a little part of me wishes the game were closer, but then if that happened, the warriors might find a way to lose the game.

richardson had some good dunks. as the elder statesman on the warriors, he deserved it more than anyone:

and this picture is one of my favorites, because usually the roles are reversed with the white guy getting the crotch-facial from the black guy. does it really count because desagana diop is from senegal and andris biedrins is from latvia? damn straight it counts:

we’ll find out their next-round opponent this saturday. i think they can finish off the jazz or rockets, but the suns will be the true test.

the wife is almost home

leslee has been in south carolina for work this week and i’m just glad to say that her trip is now over halfway over. i can manage things in her absence, but can’t really get ahead of stuff with kids and the house. by the timethe usual family business is over with, i’m pretty tired. lucky i have a super wonderful sister that lives close by to help out with these crazy kids. it’s great knowing that the three of them have to answer to three different parents. i hope they end up better because of it.

baskin-robbins had a big ice cream sale tonight to honor local firefighters. it was just 31 cents for a kid scoop of ice cream. the line was out the door, snaking around to almost the entrance of longs drugs. by the time we got into the place, about half-hour had passed. considering how much actual money we saved, it probably wasn’t worth it to stay.

at least marcos got to hang out on the fire truck for a minute

warriors have to finish up at home

so, the warriors were up by 9 with 4 minutes to go but dirk diggler took over and saved the mavericks from elimination. baron davis fouled out and stephen jackson got his ghetto-ass ejected again. he might even be out for the next game, considering his reputation.

this is what it felt like watching the mavs end the game on that 15-0 run after the warriors were beating the mavs for most of the 4th quarter.

be patient…the good stuff happens around the 13 second mark