what a weekend

attended liz’s memorial day get-together at her place on saturday night. the last couple hours were foggy but apparently i was dancing for at least a small portion of the night. i was skeptical of this news because felicia also added that i was ‘dancing well’. if anyone has seen me dance, they know it resembles a handicapped person having a seizure. i still want to see some proof. below, two fine ladies with authentic costumes rasslin’ around 3am:

recovered on sunday and had a little family bbq on monday. marcos was in good spirits even though it looks like he’s coming down with some rashy-type thing. could just be heat rash, but could be the pox. yikes. looks like my intense coaching has helped him take more photogenic pictures.

also, the nerdy news of the weekend is that i got our exchange server working well at home. still need a good spam graylister on the smtp server, but otherwise we’re in decent shape. sonic has agreed to backup mx my server. tite!

One thought on “what a weekend”

  1. This was definitely an interesting night!! Do you remember my reappearance after you told everyone that I left 30 minutes before? WAAA—LAAAA!!

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