i’ve gained 50 lbs since high school

so has phammy, so i don’t feel so bad. i still don’t mind walking around with my shirt off in public. i could stand to lose 10-20 pounds but i’m not stressin just yet. a couple of the guys below have no business having their shirts off:

look at that guy on the right. he would get beat up and/or fondled in almost every locker room arond the country flaunting those b-cups. who needs a girlfriend with a set like those.

carjackers…look for this car!

if you were looking to carjack someone, look no further. i think it’s safe to assume that anyone who puts pi to 27 places on his or her car will not give much physical resistance.

the audi is sold!

to a fellow paki  who plans to fix it up with some aftermarket parts. i’m just glad to get rid of that extra monthly payment.


farewell mr. audi.

monday nights suck

mostly from the altered sleep hours that i accumulate over the weekend. i was invited to play basketball in mountain view tonight as a guest of jon foster from work. we all arrived at the designated time and i guess the court was not open because they were getting it ready for an upcoming graduation ceremony. the unsettled question of who is the best basketball player at atempo will remain for one additional week. i met a couple of the guys and i think it’s going to be a good weekly run.

enjoy these stories that were hand-picked for your maximum reading enjoyment:

amazing but true facts if chuck norris were president [worldnetdaily]

strippers in pasadena fined for “excessive” nudity [wcco.com]

interesting foundations of scientology [xenu.net]


the pentagon wanted to build a gay-bomb a few years back [tondan.com]

i am colorblind

if alyssa said she wanted to go out with a black guy, or red guy, or yellow guy, then i’m all for it, as long as he treats her well. it would be neat to hang out with some interesting people of other cultures to hear their sides of stories. my only requirement for skin color is that he does not mess up the exposure of our group pictures. in some cases, it just doesn’t work out well.

top 10 picture of all time

i was going to try and avoid the entire paris hilton thing altogether since the entire country seems to be consumed with this trashy whore, but this picture of her being escorted back to jail is just too good to pass up.

evan o’dorney is from danville

this kid is brilliant but also socially inept. i think he has asperger’s. he threw out the first pitch at the a’s game on wednesday. he said he wasn’t a big baseball fan, but he wanted to get home and do some theorems. here he is on jimmy kimmel’s show: