high school dances suck

so ozzie decided he would dig up our senior prom pictures, being the nice guy that he is. i don’t think anyone was particularly thrilled that night, maybe except for vince because it was the beginning of his night rather than the end. someday i’ll post that pic here. in the meantime, feast your eyes on this picture from some midwestern town’s winter dance. giddyap!

if only chetty grew up in the midwest instead of the big city, he might be in a picture like this. instead, he takes pictures with movie stars in hollywood while wearing surplus military clothes.

wow…friday already

as you may have noticed, i’ve been busy at home and work so not much going on in blogsville. i felt guilty that my three readers keep visiting the site looking some new posts and instead they get to stare at nothing. the following sites should buy me a little bit of time till i find the energy to write again:

teachers behaving badly [blogspot]

google maps catches guy peeing on side of road on hwy 1. google removed the image, but this guy has it mirrored [fbmore]

the absolute best myspace layout i have ever seen [myspace]

and other myspace layouts if you’re into wasting your time [mashable]

interesting profit calculator for many jobs [ny magazine]

welcome to the 30 year young club

i had a pretty busy weekend, hence the delay in writing about it. we went to concord and had a surprise pre-birthday lunch for the wife with the family. on monday night, we were trying to get into texas roadhouse, but they don’t take reservations so we settled on black angus instead. leslee and felicia had to write up a paper before today and we didn’t want to spend the whole night waiting to eat. i think she scored with a massage and pedicure from the claremont and also tickets to tonight’s john mayer concert at the pavilion.

the wife and hot sisters at the john mayer concert from monday night. geek note: the picture was taken on an hp digital camera and printed out on an hp inkjet printer and then scanned back into digital form using an hp scanner. lovely use of time.