filipinos love to dance

it’s no secret that filipinos love to dance and sing. many church events that i attended while growing up had a dance or song component, even if it wasn’t really called for. statistically, filipinos own and operate more karaoke equipment than all other nationalities combined. sang sent me this video below which shows 1500 inmates at a jail in cebu, philippines performing michael jackson’s thriller video. none of the images in the video surprise me at all, like seeing the 50 year old men dancing and a tranny playing the woman in the video. it’s almost like a family reunion of sorts. not shown in the video are the breaks in filming where the men play mahjongg and blow boogers out of their noses while squatting.

update – nilo found this indian version online too…at least the girl is better looking but, alas, there are no finger cymbals:

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  1. Glad we named our son Marcos – to remind him of where he comes from! I’m sure he’s got an uncle somewhere in there.

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