morrissey will not reunite the smiths

thank goodness. most recent comeback attempts by bands have sucked. some people even pan his post-smiths solo albums, although i thought they were good. some of these reunited bands also are probably running out of money so they schedule some reunion tour to get a last round of financing before they all croak. it’s the wrong choice because it cheapens their whole image.

side note: i wonder if andy rourke (pictured above, far left) has any kids. hard to imagine any seeds surviving those tight jeans. it’s male cameltoe.

here’s the story.

stinky links

poor marcos and his stinkyness. mom always thinks his diaper is full but it’s only full of air.

some things to do in photoshop if you’re bored [photojojo]

sexsomnia means you can do it while you’re sleeping – splendid [cnn]

cat thinks i am related to this guy, somewhere way far up the tree [dalethomas]

happy weekend!

the back of paris hilton’s knee

why is this guy trying to get a picture of the back of her knee?

i can’t even imagine having to fight photographers all the time when i’m out in public. i would probably move to iceland or something where no one would want to hang out in front of my house just waiting for me to have a nipple slip, or some random skin showing. as it stands now, i would show my nipple to anyone who asked.

the whole michael vick thing

i can’t help but catch some of that michael vick crap just because it’s all over espn. the guy’s a thug and his friends already ratted him out for having illegal dogfights at his house. the dogs were trained to fight and if they were injured, he would euthanize them by drowning them or putting them to sleep. the entire thing is pretty sick.

this is what jamie foxx, the actor, had to say about it:

“It’s a cultural thing, I think. Most brothers didn’t know that, you know. I used to see dogs fighting in the neighborhood all the time. I didn’t know that was Fed time. So, Mike probably just didn’t read his handbook on what not to do as a black star. I know that cruelty to animals is bad, but sometimes people shoot people and kill people and don’t get time. I think in this situation,he really didn’t know the extent of it, so I always give him the benefit of the doubt.”

so i think jamie foxx is saying that if your culture allows it, then it should be given the benefit of the doubt. splendid justification technique there buddy. you must have gone to law school at santa clara university. just kidding.

this cartoon says it best:

these gangstas are tuff!

note – maybe don’t take your tough gangsta picture at home where your mom has vines on the curtain rods and some fans on the wall. they’re probably from the mean streets of danville.

busy with life links

i can’t think of a time in my life where i’ve had more stuff going on personally or professionally. it’s exciting in a way, but i’m looking forward to sleeping in on a weekend day and maybe cutting out a day of work to watch a giants game with my daughter or something. here’s a couple websites to keep you busy:

they can make ugly people look pretty. check out the portfolio [iwanex]

mario kart for wii screenshots. yeah! [computergames]

what the lines of a barcode mean [barcode art]

new uses for your old cassettes [designboom]

what different age kids think [new yorker]

yummy mcdonalds french fries

at my curent job of about 9 months, we’re near a mcdonalds so i’ve eaten there a couple times for lunch. it’s not as appealing as it was when i was 18 and working at aimnet with minh long. i think we had mcdonalds at least 5 times a week. i remember i’d usually try and wolf the fries down in the car on the way back to work because they only have about a 6-minute shelf life before they get cold and nasty.

when i would vacuum out my car every few weeks, i would inevitably find some remnants of mcdonald’s fries and they would look at least half-eatable. if i were to sneak one of these week-old, under-chair fries into someone’s fresh batch at a mcdonalds when they weren’t looking, they wouldn’t be able to pick this one out. i think all my three readers know what i’m talking about.

morgan spurlock took this a step further and shot a little video about it 

guilty of raticide

if there was such a term as raticide. two rats met their untimely end in our garage over the weekend, falling victim to a peanut butter-baited trap expertly placed by mr hall. the first rat set off the trap but seemed to escape, only to be found later stuck in the crack of our garage door. the second rat, about the size of a chihuahua, was found dead in the trap a few hours later. both rats were disposed of and the trap was set again, as isaac spotted yet another rat running around the garage. i had no idea there were that many – i thought one or two, tops. i’ll take this moment to reaffirm that i am terrified of these animals, even when they are dead inside the trap. i’ll use the longest-handled shovel to dispose of them in the garbage.

this lady nearly wets herself after seeing clowns. you could substitute me for the lady and the clown for a rat, and this could be about me.

rinky dink links

so, i’ve been busy doing home and work stuff the last few days, so i didn’t have time to post much stuff. lyss is in san diego watching iz’s baseball tourney and she’ll be in cheer camp next week. marcos yelled at a driver from his baby seat in the back when that driver cut him off and also demands a high-five when he uncorks a good fart. he has been taught well.

here’s some stuff that i’ve been collecting over the last week:

pope benedict says there may be evidence of evolution []

awesome nerdy electronic graffiti [graffitiresearch]

looks like the mhs wiki was written by cal hills students [wikipedia]

where monogamy means monotony [ashleymadison]

ny times article on every presidential candidates iraq votes [nytimes]

this is going to turn out well

jim bob and michelle duggar of salt lake city, utah little rock, arkansas just welcomed their 16th child into the world.

i can already tell this is going to turn out well. it’s good that the parents aren’t selfish and trying to set some record for most kids with a name starting in j or something. seriously, can they really give them all the necessary amount of attention? i suppose you can rule out after-school sports because you can’t drive all those kids across town to their various events. i’ll give them 5-10 years before they all end up on a “maury” episode. just the fact that the father is named jim bob should already clue you in.

does your kid have an ugly smile?

who said all babies are cute? i’ve seen some pretty gnarly babies in just the last several months – let’s hope they grow into somewhat attractive people. seeing some of these celebrity baby pictures, i think that early childhood ugliness is not necessary a guarantee of adulthood ugliness. some company has developed the “smile trainer” to help kids look their best.