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i can’t think of a time in my life where i’ve had more stuff going on personally or professionally. it’s exciting in a way, but i’m looking forward to sleeping in on a weekend day and maybe cutting out a day of work to watch a giants game with my daughter or something. here’s a couple websites to keep you busy:

they can make ugly people look pretty. check out the portfolio [iwanex]

mario kart for wii screenshots. yeah! [computergames]

what the lines of a barcode mean [barcode art]

new uses for your old cassettes [designboom]

what different age kids think [new yorker]

One thought on “busy with life links”

  1. I like the belt or the purse cassette tape. We used to put tape over the holes on the top and re-record over tapes we didn’t want. We recorded Summer Jam. You remember Les. LOL… I guess we were ghetto!

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