marcos at happy hollow

my parents took marcos to happy hollow last week and he had a really good time. he was talking about it for a while afterwards. i’ve posted the pictures to the album if you’d like to see more.

guilty of raticide

if there was such a term as raticide. two rats met their untimely end in our garage over the weekend, falling victim to a peanut butter-baited trap expertly placed by mr hall. the first rat set off the trap but seemed to escape, only to be found later stuck in the crack of our garage door. the second rat, about the size of a chihuahua, was found dead in the trap a few hours later. both rats were disposed of and the trap was set again, as isaac spotted yet another rat running around the garage. i had no idea there were that many – i thought one or two, tops. i’ll take this moment to reaffirm that i am terrified of these animals, even when they are dead inside the trap. i’ll use the longest-handled shovel to dispose of them in the garbage.

this lady nearly wets herself after seeing clowns. you could substitute me for the lady and the clown for a rat, and this could be about me.

yason bourne identity

matt damon is a cool guy and stays out of trouble in hollywood. here he is on kimmel the other night.

i watched the previous two bourne movies in bits and pieces over the last several days so i can watch the latest release this weekend.

rinky dink links

so, i’ve been busy doing home and work stuff the last few days, so i didn’t have time to post much stuff. lyss is in san diego watching iz’s baseball tourney and she’ll be in cheer camp next week. marcos yelled at a driver from his baby seat in the back when that driver cut him off and also demands a high-five when he uncorks a good fart. he has been taught well.

here’s some stuff that i’ve been collecting over the last week:

pope benedict says there may be evidence of evolution []

awesome nerdy electronic graffiti [graffitiresearch]

looks like the mhs wiki was written by cal hills students [wikipedia]

where monogamy means monotony [ashleymadison]

ny times article on every presidential candidates iraq votes [nytimes]

easy way to get your kid beat up

outfit him in a d&d t-shirt like this one.

even infants can recognize other pale, socially withdrawn infants and stuff them in the diaper genie when no one is looking.

this is going to turn out well

jim bob and michelle duggar of salt lake city, utah little rock, arkansas just welcomed their 16th child into the world.

i can already tell this is going to turn out well. it’s good that the parents aren’t selfish and trying to set some record for most kids with a name starting in j or something. seriously, can they really give them all the necessary amount of attention? i suppose you can rule out after-school sports because you can’t drive all those kids across town to their various events. i’ll give them 5-10 years before they all end up on a “maury” episode. just the fact that the father is named jim bob should already clue you in.

does your kid have an ugly smile?

who said all babies are cute? i’ve seen some pretty gnarly babies in just the last several months – let’s hope they grow into somewhat attractive people. seeing some of these celebrity baby pictures, i think that early childhood ugliness is not necessary a guarantee of adulthood ugliness. some company has developed the “smile trainer” to help kids look their best.