happy monday!

had a good weekend with the family. alyssa is hanging out a bit more than usual, so that’s nice to have the entire unit out together. took friday off work to go to kevin & rhianna’s wedding at tilden park. the scenery was really nice and marcos had a good chance to play with some other little relatives of ours that we don’t see too frequently. even though it looks like salem is tackling marcos, he actually likes her the most of all the kids.

she always does a good job watching him…better than some of her older cousins, considering she’s like 7 or so.

saturday, home depot had a little thing with the fremont fire department. the hook-n-ladder had to leave in the middle of it to respond to a call but marcos got a good inspection of the undercarriage before they left.

most of the other kids were lining up to sit inside the cab, but this son of mine inspected the chassis and drivetrain pretty thoroughly. note the filipino squat in the picture above.

sunday, we all headed up to sf to watch the blue angels as part of the fleet week stuff. they didn’t have quite so many open ships as in years past. my suspicion is that the navy is not so enthused to do their show anymore since the bay area is so liberal and generally not supportive of military actions, especially these days. dad said that sf even tried to cut out fleet week altogether, probably for the gay policies and the iraq war stuff. it doesn’t surprise me. regardless of the politics of it all, it would be nice for them to come out so the kids can get interested. they’re only perpetuating the whole feeling by keeping their good ships from the show. how can the show be useful as a recruiting tool if you bring out a coast guard cutter and a guided missle frigate instead of a big ol battleship or aircraft carrier? at least the blue angels were in town and that was a good show.

again, marc slept through most of it, even the solo f-16 with full afterburner. not even a flinch.

pictures posted for all three events in the photos section. login required.

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