shooting at the high school!

the daughter texted in to say that she was in lockdown today at the high school. there was some gunfire across the street at a small plaza where a lot of the kids eat and hang out during the lunch break. she texted in:

[12:46] Daughter: Were on lockdown
[12:47] Daughter: Since like 25 minz ag0
[12:50] Daughter: Kuz guys we’re running around with guns
[12:50] Daughter: N there’s heka police all over outside n surrounding the skool

the high school web page was updated with information every 10-15 mins, which was a great idea i thought. i can still see some of the frantic parents rushing over there trying to pick up their kids. that usually doesn’t work and your kid is better off just staying there at school. great job to the leadership team at the high school for using the website to communicate.

some local news websites had some pictures from their chopper-cam:

you can see the body bag right by that laundromat near there.  it’s fremont’s fourth murder this year.

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