peet’s is good coffee

i bought peet’s ground coffee from safeway the other day in lieu of the usual safeway stuff. i made the mistake of telling the wife, who has an affinity to the safeway select brand. i should have staged the whole thing like those hidden camera coffee commercials some years ago.

‘we’ve secretly switched the coffee at this fancy restaurant to folgers crystals. let’s see if anyone notices.’

of course, i got some chirping when i let her know of my experimentation. something about ‘not authorized’ or ‘why didn’t you clear it with me’.

this morning, i get the following over chat:

[09:32] leslee: the peets coffee is good
[09:32] leslee: doesn’t have the extra flavor of the safeway

excellent! it’s not a clear admission, but i’ll take what i can get!

side note: peet’s business is rising, kind of the ‘anti-starbucks’ [yahoo biz]

One thought on “peet’s is good coffee”

  1. …and the next statement was:
    So even though it’s plain, the creamer gives it it’s own flavor. Peet’s is pretty good though.

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