c-webb coming back to the warriors

i heard over the news that chris webber is coming back to the warriors. he’s not the c-webb of 14 years ago, the one that did the behind-the-back-dunk on barkley:

but we’ll take it. i trust nellie’s decision to bring him back. he can’t run like he used to but he’s a good passer and can hang out in the high-post to free up room for everyone else. it would be great to see him back here since he bailed after only 1.5 seasons before being traded to the bullets for tom gugliotta. i think that marked the start of one of the worst downtimes in nba basketball history. here’s a brief recap of the last warriors drafts in case you were living in another country in the last 10 years, or if you are a girl:

1993: chris webber
1994: cliff rozier
1995: joe smith
1996: todd fuller
1997: adonal foyle
1998: vince carter (but then immediately traded for antawn jamison)
1999: jeff foster
2000: no 1st-round draft pick
2001: jason richardson (finally, someone good!)
2002: mike dunleavy
2003: mickael pietrus
2004: andris biedrins (he had 26 boards last night)
2005: ike diogu
2006: patrick o’bryant
2007: marco bellinelli

the guys in the last few years are still too new to tell if they’re going to suck or not.

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