lots of grey skies and rain

…and more to come from what it sounds like. the gal below seems like she’s prepared for more rain.

[this was a wonderbra ad in the uk – note her arm placement]

also, i guess i lost my wallet either on dec 31 or jan 1. i thought i had just misplaced it around the house or marcos might have hidden it. after a couple days of looking without finding it, i noticed a couple weird charges coming through on the online statement so i canceled the cards right away. all the fraudulent transactions were done right within a mile of the house. since i lost my wallet along with the debit card, it would be easy for them to get gas, for example, because they have my zip code from my drivers license to authenticate with. what a bother. we got robbed a few months back and now this is happening. i’m going to have to revisit my personal handling of that stuff and see if we can totally lock down to prevent this from happening. the bank will refund any money from transactions we didn’t originate, but it’s more just a hassle than anything else having to get new cards and all that. to top it off, it was a nice wallet that leslee had gotten for me. bleh. happy new year!

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