microcosm lady is annoying

so i went to the milpitas starbucks this morning to catch some of my french counterparts while they were still at work. by the time i get to palo alto sometimes, they’ve headed home and i have to try and stay up past midnight that night to get something off my chest. it doesn’t look good to some of the other people in the us office that you’re a day late on something.

anyway, im sitting here at the starbucks chatting up my manager and a couple other people from the france office. it takes me a while to get booted up because i’m running windows, i gotta get the sprint card warmed up and then get the vpn going in addition to all the shizz baggage that’s on my laptop.

after about 15 minutes, the lady next to me catches my attention. she’s about 40 and sitting with an older guy, and it sounds like she’s met up with him for a job interview in sales or marketing management position in an enterprise resource planning software company like interwoven, or something like that. in the time that i’m listening, she’s used the word ‘microcosm’ about 20 times – no exaggeration. the first time she used it, my ear kinda piqued over there because it’s not every day you hear that word. and then she used it again. and again. and again. and again. and again. and again x 15.

i was starting to keep a tally with my fingers, then it surpassed 10. i tried to help her out the last few times by looking over there, right in her eye path, to tell her like, ‘dude you’re using that word way too much to get hired there’. she looked over at me and kept yammering away. oh well, your loss, lady. honorable mention for ‘at the end of the day’ which she used maybe only 10 times.

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