busy man’s weekend recap

marc and i had a good man’s weekend together, passing the time until the girls get back from florida on monday night. we hit up paul’s birthday party which featured a keg of beer and some rough footballers. marcos made sure to maintain the manliness trend by pushing maddie’s pink stroller around the house, no doubt making dad proud. he did, however, attract a large female following because he was ‘cute’ pushing that thing around. maybe cute wins out over rough?

on sunday morning we headed out to hobee’s where marc sat in a regular adult chair and acted like a 12-year-old and not a 2-year-old. here he is scanning the kids menu and eating kiwi. over breakfast, we discussed the fragmentation of the democratic superdelegates and the logjam in the western conference this year, with only a few games separating the 1st playoff spot and 8th playoff spot. just kidding.

after that, we headed up to sf without much of a plan. i figured it would be nice to hit up golden gate park and maybe finish off with a ghirardelli sundae or something. after parking downtown, i noticed lots of people walking over to at&t park to catch the giants/a’s game as part of their annual bay bridge preseason series. the weather was good, so we decided to join them.

marc had a good time and kept himself together till maybe the 6th inning, which was way past his naptime. he brought up the game a few more times later in the day, so it sounded like a memorable first baseball game.

another bonus is that marcos is free because there’s no charge for kids 2 and under. the only downer was that marc is just a little too small to ride on the coke slide there at the park. maybe next time.

later sunday night, we capped off the man’s weekend by watching some tv with our shirts off, snacking on cheerios and farting.

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