go giants!

on sunday, the girls were headed out for some girly stuff and so marc and i went to catch the giants game. the weather was 78 and sunny, even in the city, so what better way to kill an afternoon than by watching the suddenly resurgent (albeit, a micro-resurgency) sf giants.

i was first greeted with the price of admission to the game – $29. the oakland game i had gone to prior was only $15, only because it was a preseason game as i had later discovered. $29 to watch a baseball is kind of a lot, especially if i have to start paying for 2 tickets because…

so marc and i headed to the gate with the 1 ticket in hand for daddy, since marc is 2 so he’s free. the ticket collector wanted to see marc’s ticket but i told him that he was 2 and he should be free. here’s what ensued:

ticket guy: where’s the ticket for the boy?

me: he’s only 2, he doesn’t have a ticket

(slight pause and furrowed brow)

ticket guy: sir, it’s obvious the boy is older than 2

me: (disbelief) what?! he’s 2, and kids 2 and under are free

ticket guy: if he was 2.5, i might let him slide, but he’s obviously older

me: (turning to marc) how old are you marc

marc: (meek 2.5 year old voice) two-and-a-half

ticket guy: well, i’ll let you slide this time, but next time bring some proof or something

me: (whispering) sit down clown!

i’ll make sure to bring a birth certificate with me next time, even though that could be forged too because there’s no picture attached? maybe we need the real id, like those people at the airport? considering that i will have to buy a ticket for him soon, i don’t know if i can do $60 ballpark days as often.

anyway, i almost caught the john bowker home run in the 4th but missed it by maybe 6 inches. it hit some guy walking by on the forehead – he didn’t even see it coming. ouch! i had thought my catch attempt was more manly that it was. i caught it on the post-game show back at home in HD and it showed a pretty sissy jump by me. i could have had marc a souvenir.

oh yeah, the giants won.

2 thoughts on “go giants!”

  1. Ticket guy is EXTREMELY lucky Mommy wasn’t there!

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