little consolation this weekend


the stanford lady cardinal make it to the ncaa women’s championship game by beating uconn behind candace wiggins 25/13.


zito gets hammered again to start the season 0-2 with 6.30 era. his salary is more than the gdp of some small countries, yet he can’t seem to get the outs. i think he would be pretty good at silver stadium, though.


the warriors lose to the hornets on sunday to stay just out of the playoff race. it seems like they’re getting tired the last few games here, shooting terribly and seemingly out of gas.

the only consolation here is that i am going to thursday night’s game vs the nuggets, a team they are in direct competition for that last western conference playoff spot. i could only secure floor seats for the game, so i’ll have to make do. if you didn’t read that right, i do have floor seats for thursday’s nationally televised game in oakland.

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