using the right words

now, i can’t say i’m an expert at writing. for one thing – i usually don’t capitalize letters on this website unless i really want to emphasize something. also, in the course of the day chatting with friends, i might mistype a word like villanous instead of villainous. considering villainous is a 10-letter word, that’s not so bad. when you mispell a 5-letter word, though, it’s time to get some help:

on that note, you have to tip your cap to the peeps that type up the closed caption words that stream across the tv screen. they’ve gotta transcribe in near-realtime to help those whom are hard of hearing. i can’t see how the mistake below would sneak in, though – as there’s not really  any word that is even close?

maybe it’s not a mistake? just seems highly unlikely.

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