hump day distractionary linkage

after noon today, we are officially headed towards the weekend. there’s not much going on, but that’s okay with me too.

-some interesting things caught on google streets, like the guy crashing his bike above. i’m sure there’s a lot more stuff waiting to be found []

-gallery of geeky ascii art. if you’re too cool to know what that is, ascii art involves only using characters you can type on a keyboard, arranged in a certain order, to produce an approximation of a picture on the screen [wired]

-jerry seinfeld’s written eulogy about george carlin, who passed away a few days back. listening to george’s routine’s weren’t all that safe for work with all the cussing and name-calling, but he sure was pretty damn funny. [nytimes]

-there’s a secret vault in denmark that contains one copy of every lego set EVER made. i remember a lot of the sets that are featured in the video. [gizmodo]

-best of craigslist post about someone’s neighbor [craigslist]

get you closer to the weekend

its been an interesting week – a little slow, but still busy. i sense some big changes coming at work. from a reduction in the lunch crew to a suspected reorganization. on a side note, i’m bringing mama hall back to the airport on thursday morning like at 5am, so i think i’m going to keep this short and sweet.

-there’s no ugly girls in the world, just poor ones [makeovers]

-if there’s any girls reading, you might consider that you have a fetish for asian men and you don’t even know it. [sfgate]

-drinking brings out the worst in people (beer goggles, toilet sleeping, public erections, etc.) [sloshspot]

-this guy was so close to finishing the marathon, nothing would stop him from crossing that finish line, not even massive diarrhea. this is not for the easily disturbed [nsfw] [mixmakers]

-awesome, comprehensive collection of photobombers – you know the types that sneak into the back of your pictures somehow. [asylum]

leon powe owns the lakers

game 2 of the nba finals were tonight and a certain bay area high school and college basketball star further extended the misery of la lakers fans everywhere. not only do lakers fans have to deal with kobe’s crybaby antics and yellow/purple team colors, but now they had this former oakland tech and cal bears stud to contend with. it’s nice to see him succeed considering his upbringing. you can read more about it on wikipedia.

leon kinda looks like me on the little tikes hoop.

end of weekend/start of week links

i know some of you start your monday morning pretty slowly, mixing some personal business in or just not doing any work at all till around lunchtime. check out these stories:

sometimes you think living in the us sucks and maybe moving overseas will solve everything – think again – you should really ask people that have done it before. this is by no means comprehensive, but it’s interesting reading [life nomadic]

new york times guy comments on some free cell phone services like goog411, jott and chacha. not sure if any of these could help you [ny times]

not getting enough post-marital sex? these two couples string over 100 consecutive days together (together like within the married couple and not some weird group sex thing). here’s the story [ny times]

rave: your hummer [craigslist]

we should have taxed gas more when it used to be cheap to make people be more economical and make our cars more efficient. then we could have taken that tax money and spent it on ourselves instead of making oil companies and the middle easterners adsurdly rich [washington post]

balakov recreates historical pictures with legos [flickr]


a guy posts on how to make your own homemade bacon. i am going to try this for sure, as i think all real men should do so at least once in their lives. if you’re a guy and don’t like bacon, i’ve got some other news for you. [bs brewing]