tacocat is a palindrome

splendid…im sure sami and carrie would be pleased to wear this costume around the house. for those of you raised in substandard homes, a palindrome is a word that is spelled the same forwards and backwards, like ‘tacocat’ or ‘racecar’.

here’s a list of some other palindromic words [wikipedia]

slow to start the week links

don’t start working until you get a chance to browse around on monday morning. here’s a couple suggestions:

-interesting story about craft beers. i think it would be pretty sweet to be brew your own beer at home [time]

-esquire’s list of 75 things to do before you die, from a male point of view. i have about, oh, 71 to go [esquire]

-excellent site to meet zombies that share your similar interests [zombieharmony]

-random ‘best of craigslist’ ad. i browse craigslist while on the can at work because it’s one of the few sites that is speedy enough to enjoy on my slow EDGE network blackberry curve. i’m trying to get the blackberry bold or an iphone, then maybe i won’t browse CL so much [craigslist]

-be careful about posting stuff on your social networking page [mercury news]

…and for the work people

list of french swear words that you can pepper your emails and phone calls with [youswear]

why do we even work on fridays?

i heard that one local company was going to propose going to a 4-day work week, to save everyone gas driving in on that 5th day. each workday would be extended to 10 hours, but i think that’s manageable knowing everyone will be getting friday or monday off. we work 8 hours already, what’s a couple more hours? just more personal web browsing of celeb blog sites and digg/reddit.

anyway, here’s some ed-filtered news to hopefully push you closer to the weekend.

-cellphone enabled application will be able to tell you when a parking spot opens up on sf city streets. 6000 of 24000 parking spots in downtown sf will be fitted with sensors that can tell you when they open up. no more driving around the block 20 times waiting for someone to move [ny times]

-i doubt its as bad as girls make it out to be in the first place, but these are things you can try to make it sweeter [bbc.co.uk]

-this about sums it up between males and females [funnyme]

-cameras on streets and in buildings use infrared to be able to see at night. you can easily defeat that by wearing a special LED headband that is invisible to regular people but will blot your face out for those cameras [wired]

-thepiratebay is a place to get lots of software, music and porn. it’s based in sweden so it’s outside the reach of us copyright laws. they post pretty much all their legal threats here. it’s hilarious to read these damn lawyers’ threats. they’re all worthless and seemingly out of touch with international law on these issues. here’s an example – dreamworks writes in with a legal complaint about them redistributing shrek on their site. here’s their response:

As you may or may not be aware, Sweden is not a state in the United States of America. Sweden is a country in northern Europe. Unless you figured it out by now, US law does not apply here. For your information, no Swedish law is being violated.

It is the opinion of us and our lawyers that you are ……. morons, and that you should please go sodomize yourself with retractable batons.

anyway, the responses are the best. seems like all these people filing complaints are just billing the clients time and not even properly assessing the merits of each case [thepiratebay]

-middle school in philly area locked down after a ninja is spotted in the nearby woods [phillyburbs]

and the icing on the cake – new order’s regret video.

happy bday from a terrorist

it’s not a “terrorist fist jab“, but a card from barack obama is still pretty cool

the fam kept the whole day low-key, at my request. i’d rather spend the time and money on someone else. also headed up to sf for ozzie’s bday at straits on saturday night. was nice to see the old milpitas peeps. i’m just glad its another 364 days until i have to endure all this again.

80 degree links

finally the weather is cooperating and coming down from the intense highs we’ve had the past week.

-arranging desktop icons into shapes and characters we know and love [bored-bored]

-google can find the answer to pretty much everything [flickr]

-pictures of the brady bunch characters now. i thought cindy would have turned out better [abc news]

-8 just wonderful stories from the er. even if they are not true, it’s still fun seeing words like gangrene and maggots on a web page [dailystrength]

-the ap site has a filter on the web server that replaces the word ‘gay’ with the perhaps more pc term ‘homosexual’ within stories. that makes some sense…except when the last name of a person is ‘gay’, like olympic sprinter tyson gay [friendlyatheist]

-some pennsylvania moms turned a sleepover for their teen sons into a big sex party. growing up, i dont think there were any friends mom’s that were hot enough for that except maybe peter mateo’s [cbs3]

now get off the computer and enjoy the nice weather outside.

this is unexplainable

while sitting at your desk, lift your right foot off the ground and make clockwise circles. now, while doing that, draw the number 6 in the air with your right hand. your foot will change direction and there is nothing you can do about it.

i did this like 10 times, even trying to focus on not doing it and i was powerless.

taken from [jeffbridges.com]

this is awkward

i’d rather just pee in the sink than have to get this close to another guy with my pants open. if i got there first and some other guy tried to elbow his way in, then i think it’s fight time, although i think there should be a short courtesy period allowed for us to at least get our pants buttoned before starting to fight (fistfight, not swordfight).

goodbye baron davis

baron davis opted out of the final year of his contract the other day, and today it sounds like he’ll sign with the clippers. seems like he’s always wanted to play in his hometown of la but it’s pretty tough to walk away from 17 million bucks just for that. granted, his new contract is pretty lucrative, too. he’ll team up with elton brand and the caveman down there. i think more interesting is how the warriors will turn out. seems like baron was an emotional leader at times and i wonder who will pick up the slack. monta ellis i’m sure will be an all-star this year, but defenses might key on him if there’s not much else who can draw some attention on their own.

anyway, thanks for reading this because that means you are checking the site even after me not posting anything for a week.