80 degree links

finally the weather is cooperating and coming down from the intense highs we’ve had the past week.

-arranging desktop icons into shapes and characters we know and love [bored-bored]

-google can find the answer to pretty much everything [flickr]

-pictures of the brady bunch characters now. i thought cindy would have turned out better [abc news]

-8 just wonderful stories from the er. even if they are not true, it’s still fun seeing words like gangrene and maggots on a web page [dailystrength]

-the ap site has a filter on the web server that replaces the word ‘gay’ with the perhaps more pc term ‘homosexual’ within stories. that makes some sense…except when the last name of a person is ‘gay’, like olympic sprinter tyson gay [friendlyatheist]

-some pennsylvania moms turned a sleepover for their teen sons into a big sex party. growing up, i dont think there were any friends mom’s that were hot enough for that except maybe peter mateo’s [cbs3]

now get off the computer and enjoy the nice weather outside.

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