marcos watching star wars

so, if you have been around marcos, you know that he’s a tornado around the house. return of the jedi came on the hd and it caught his attention. he sat down and started asking questions about what he was seeing – jabba the hut, tatooine, lightsabers, etc. i was both impressed and reassured – impressed because he actually seemed interested in what was happening on-screen with the look on his face and also reassured that he was going to grow up with a slight sci-fi edge about him (something that no doubt has propelled his father to modest success in his life).

he seemed to like chewbacca the most, obviously with his hairy body and weird assortment of noises that he makes. there’s probably a slight resemblance to daddy in the mornings.

i know you like that chewie calf tat. i’m going to go on a limb and say the guy who got this tattoo has probably been the subject of some chewbacca-type jokes considering how much body hair he has.

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