slow to start the week links

don’t start working until you get a chance to browse around on monday morning. here’s a couple suggestions:

-interesting story about craft beers. i think it would be pretty sweet to be brew your own beer at home [time]

-esquire’s list of 75 things to do before you die, from a male point of view. i have about, oh, 71 to go [esquire]

-excellent site to meet zombies that share your similar interests [zombieharmony]

-random ‘best of craigslist’ ad. i browse craigslist while on the can at work because it’s one of the few sites that is speedy enough to enjoy on my slow EDGE network blackberry curve. i’m trying to get the blackberry bold or an iphone, then maybe i won’t browse CL so much [craigslist]

-be careful about posting stuff on your social networking page [mercury news]

…and for the work people

list of french swear words that you can pepper your emails and phone calls with [youswear]

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