tuesday link party in your mouth

overcome the most boring day of the workweek with these choice nuggets of pre-filtered news

-get one of these tents and you can sleep anywhere in the city without being bothered [loqu]

-boston globe photo website has awesome, large pictures of news events. this week is the war in south ossetia and the opening ceremonies in beijing. definitely worth a bookmark to visit every couple weeks [boston.com]

-set up mytunes on your computer and you can access your itunes library from anywhere in the world via a web browser – you can also stream your music out anywhere there’s an internet connection [lifehacker]

-nude strip search of a 13-year-old girl by a high school official looking for smuggled ibuprofen ruled a violation of her rights. it took a fscking court to rule on that? [aclu.org]


imogen heap’s voice sounds so good, it tricks you into thinking that she’s hotter than she really is.

working from home…

on paper, it might sound appealing to work from home but i think i’m better at the office. working from home, i might be tempted to do stuff around the house or maybe fall asleep on the couch. this guy seems to prefer working from home:

whatever works, i guess. he’s got a pissed off look on his face. i wonder if it’s from dell’s recent announcement that they are not going to be selling new dell machines with windows xp anymore, only with vista.

i want to get a motorcycle

what a great way to have fun, save gas and get to work quicker all rolled in one! the only (very) minor drawback is that you have a good chance of dying while riding this thing. it’s definitely worth the risk, especially if i can wrap my legs around an aprilia rsv-1000r.

getting 45mpg in the civic hybrid is a little boring to getting 45mpg in this bike.

happy monday links

perk up your otherwise dreary monday morning with some pre-filtered news:

-i’ve featured some misspelled tattoos here before, but this is a much bigger list with pictures. this should cheer anyone up [l magazine]

-good collection of pictures at the right place at the right time – something i’m never good at. mostly sfw, just odd picture topics [postworthy]

-garfield comics translated from english to chinese and then back to english again using a freeware translator tool like google or yahoo. it makes me wonder about the accuracy of those things. i don’t think i would rely on them completely for translation, but maybe only to get the gist of what’s going on [blogoscoped]

-while i’m glad a major media outlet has recognized short pants as acceptable office attire, i’m a little concerned that they don’t make these styles in my boxy size. the ones featured would probably fit me like biker shorts – just sprayed on my thighs. [ny times]


-awesome story out of jacksonville where a man ‘stole’ a city bus more than once and drove the proper route, and then returned the bus at the end of the night. it sounds oddly appealing on some levels. [news4jax]

filipinos on the sf giants

i learned the other day that the san francisco giants are employing the first full-blooded filipino for the baseball diamond. i’m certain the giants could parlay this opportunity into a marketing success, considering the proximity of daly city and colma to the ballpark. maybe have some promitional tie-ins with goldilocks bakery or melody toyota. further down the list could be a karaoke night and a facial mole hair removal party.

that’s him on the left, playing for the san jose giants earlier in his career. considering the youth movement in san francisco, he might get some playing time as a left-handed setup man. he’s got a 6+ era at the moment so hopefully he can stay up here. also, the giants website says that he’s 6’4″. wtf kind of filipino is that? he should be playing professional basketball in the philippines with that height!

also interesting is his name – geno espineli. when i first heard it, i didn’t think anything of it. when i heard he was filipino, i didn’t quite get the name until i heard it was a nickname for ‘Eugene Macalalag Espineli’. There we go – that’s more like it: MACALALAG.

anyway, i also learned that tim lincecum is half-filipino, half-white.

he’s a little more believable at 5-11 and 170lbs. that’s the color i should have been. i wonder how he would have been at silver stadium.