happy monday links

perk up your otherwise dreary monday morning with some pre-filtered news:

-i’ve featured some misspelled tattoos here before, but this is a much bigger list with pictures. this should cheer anyone up [l magazine]

-good collection of pictures at the right place at the right time – something i’m never good at. mostly sfw, just odd picture topics [postworthy]

-garfield comics translated from english to chinese and then back to english again using a freeware translator tool like google or yahoo. it makes me wonder about the accuracy of those things. i don’t think i would rely on them completely for translation, but maybe only to get the gist of what’s going on [blogoscoped]

-while i’m glad a major media outlet has recognized short pants as acceptable office attire, i’m a little concerned that they don’t make these styles in my boxy size. the ones featured would probably fit me like biker shorts – just sprayed on my thighs. [ny times]


-awesome story out of jacksonville where a man ‘stole’ a city bus more than once and drove the proper route, and then returned the bus at the end of the night. it sounds oddly appealing on some levels. [news4jax]

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