tuesday link party in your mouth

overcome the most boring day of the workweek with these choice nuggets of pre-filtered news

-get one of these tents and you can sleep anywhere in the city without being bothered [loqu]

-boston globe photo website has awesome, large pictures of news events. this week is the war in south ossetia and the opening ceremonies in beijing. definitely worth a bookmark to visit every couple weeks [boston.com]

-set up mytunes on your computer and you can access your itunes library from anywhere in the world via a web browser – you can also stream your music out anywhere there’s an internet connection [lifehacker]

-nude strip search of a 13-year-old girl by a high school official looking for smuggled ibuprofen ruled a violation of her rights. it took a fscking court to rule on that? [aclu.org]


imogen heap’s voice sounds so good, it tricks you into thinking that she’s hotter than she really is.

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