pass the time links

looking to get past the monday back-to-work blues? some stories guaranteed to stir things up, like maybe in your pants:

get your special someone something for christmas from the new victoria’s secret catalog. i like how elegant the items are, nothing trashy or too boring [usemycomputer]

in india, circumcisions are performed by circumcisors. here’s a business card of one of them [flickr]

guys should save this letter somewhere and use it when they are about to dump their significant other. i like that term ‘throat yogurt’ [hogrock]

50 facts about our favorite president-elect. did you know he is left-handed? plays basketball? is addicted to his blackberry? has appeared in a few dozen adult movies as a background extra? (kidding about the last one) []

more prop 8 garbage

i still can’t believe that prop 8 passed here in california. there’s been protests in salt lake city at the mormon hq because of their involvement in providing money to the proponents of the measure, in addition to all the protests here at home.

and do you really want this guy marrying your daughter? let them marry the other men so they can beat on each other.

tim lincecum wins the cy young

being of half-caucasian, half-asian descent myself, i can surely attest to the dominating athletic performance of tim lincecum. he won the NL cy young award today.

imagine where the giants would have been without him last season. if the devil rays can turn things around, so can the giants.

the power of google suggest

google suggest is a feature of the site where it will suggest words to complete your search based on what you’ve typed in. for example, if you start typing in a search string, it will return to you what other people have typed in and also how many search results you would get from the respective queries.

pre-sorted news bits

i also have some new music. email or im me if you’re interested.

-california prop 8 i think is almost officially over. as of this morning, still too close to call but it’s a disappointing defeat. ridiculous that this can’t pass in california, of all places. the aclu is already on the case and i hope this can be overturned in the supreme court [sfgate]

-uk teen changed his name to “Captain Fantastic Faster Than Superman Spiderman Batman Wolverine Hulk And The Flash Combined”. his grandmother isn’t speaking to him. [upi]

-21 good condom ads from, mostly from durex. imagine working in the marketing department at durex and what tradeshows you’d get to go to. nsfw theme, but no skin showing. [divine caroline]

-i want to buy another camera someday – maybe it was good to shed the nikon so i can jump to the canon eos line and borrow lenses from steve. cool motion-blur photog [web urbanist]

vote today!

starbucks is offering a free cup of coffee for those who voted and krispy kreme is offering a free donut. also, for a few hours tonight, ben & jerry’s is giving a free ice cream scoop to voters. i wonder if the offer is valid if you voted for cynthia mckinney of the green party, charles jay of the boston tea party, or gene amondson of the prohibition party.

warriors get their first win

just about every local columnist has sealed the warriors fate as a cellar-dweller this year. al harrington wants out, baron davis is gone, monta ellis hurt himself on a moped and more. andris biedrins had a good game as did corey maggette and stephen jackson (below). let’s hope they can be at least .500 this year.