post-christmas recovery links

my trash and recycle containers are full now and garbage day isn’t till tuesday. in the meantime, here’s some interesting stories to pass the time:

-man is arrested by amtrak police after taking pictures of amtrak trains in an amtrak-sponsored contest about taking pictures of amtrak trains []

-this seems like an odd place to live (zoom out a few times) [google maps]

-a list of weird ways to die [wikipedia]

-looks like california is going to mount some opposition to prop 8, courtesy of attorney general jerry brown [flickr]

-some mashup graphs of the christmas season [mashable]

i look like brad pitt

i’m growing out my mustache a little bit and some people are saying i look like brad pitt. i wish i would have known this so i could have started growing it out sooner.

[actually, half of this post was so that i could put a picture of angelina up]

snl digital short from this weekends show

this is one of the funniest skits i’ve seen in a while on snl. on this note, i am wondering whether to get a video camera or a good still camera. imagine daddy producing videos for the boy’s grade-school projects. awesome graphics and a depeche mode soundtrack. instant grade a.

meadow soprano is still hot in my book, and newly single.

66 degrees in november links

i hope that you are outside enjoying the fabulous weather and not wasting time visiting lame blogs like this one. but, it seems that you are and so you might as well just extend your loser-ness and visit the sites below too:

-> if you are looking for a way to punk someone at work, i dont think anything can top this [dailyinterweb]

-> marcos was all giggles at the christmas party today until santa came out. there’s gotta be a backstory somehow but it might take a few years to come out. why are kids so scared of santa [nextround]

-> this link fulfills my quota of at least one reference to a scantily-clad supermodel. you’re welcome [popoholic]

-> if you have at least some nerdy inside you (no x-rated jokes, please), then this video will interest you – sfw []

-> these bar snippets are pretty true…although probably not at kirby’s shoestring, my neighborhood bar, because all of them are megan’s law felons on parole and could not even properly complete a sentence [viruscomix]


-> i always make it a point to at least get home and crash on the couch after some drinking. i would hate to have to end up like one of these guys [banned]


matt harding traveled around the world and infected people to dance like you’re having a seizure.

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

i love coffee

the last week or two, i think i have drunk more coffee than anything else and am paying the price for it in some regards. the taste is so good and the ride afterwards is even better. i fear the comedown but you can always blunt it with another cup. i have to endure the irregular sleep patterns, chapped lips, and the acorn poop, but the smell of a brewing pot of coffee makes me forget everything.

this ny times guy hit the nail on the head with everything. this is a must read. [nytimes]

ur doing it wrong texas

In 1997, Kleberg County Commissioners unanimously voted to adopt “heaven-o” as the official greeting of the county instead of “hello”. Kleberg County residents are now encouraged to use “heaven-o” to acknowledge one another. The reason cited for the change was the fact that hello contains the word hell, even though it is not etymologically related.

what about if your name is michelle? or if you like seashells or shell gasoline?

source: wikipedia [link]