66 degrees in november links

i hope that you are outside enjoying the fabulous weather and not wasting time visiting lame blogs like this one. but, it seems that you are and so you might as well just extend your loser-ness and visit the sites below too:

-> if you are looking for a way to punk someone at work, i dont think anything can top this [dailyinterweb]

-> marcos was all giggles at the christmas party today until santa came out. there’s gotta be a backstory somehow but it might take a few years to come out. why are kids so scared of santa [nextround]

-> this link fulfills my quota of at least one reference to a scantily-clad supermodel. you’re welcome [popoholic]

-> if you have at least some nerdy inside you (no x-rated jokes, please), then this video will interest you – sfw [wimp.com]

-> these bar snippets are pretty true…although probably not at kirby’s shoestring, my neighborhood bar, because all of them are megan’s law felons on parole and could not even properly complete a sentence [viruscomix]


-> i always make it a point to at least get home and crash on the couch after some drinking. i would hate to have to end up like one of these guys [banned]


matt harding traveled around the world and infected people to dance like you’re having a seizure.

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

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