chesley sullenberger is from danville

if you’ve been living under a rock for the last week, or are a teenager that is tweaking all night long and sleeping all day and completely unaware of the world around them, then you probably already heard of the us airways plane landing in the hudson river last week.

for those of you unaware of the terminology, you can see it here [urban dictionary] and was in that great movie glengarry glen ross.

he’s from danville too, which i heard was going to arrange a tickertape parade downtown to honor his work in keeping that plane safe.

..and since sully made sure no one died on his plane, it’s time to find the humor in the whole thing. natural selection works most of the time but in the case below, it’s a big fail:

also, a gentle reminder that no matter what the situation, class systems exist:

remember this when deciding to save some dough on that coach seat.

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