cranky back to work links

im still having trouble with the right shoulder. i can do just about everything but swing that golf club well. at least that’s my excuse. for those of you who chose to honor dr martin luther king today by not working, enjoy these ed-filtered web snippets:

-> here’s some pictures of unsold car inventories from around the world. now is probably the time to buy a car if you’ve been waiting for one. that is, if you have cash to do so and not rely on getting a car loan [guardian]

-> my work needs to hire durex’s ad agency to come up with some better graphics and campaigns [gunaxin]

-> some researchers got a monkey to actually communicate with them using real english words and conjugating verbs [hubpages]

-> a real, step-by-step guide on how to launder money…and not like the dollar bills you find in the dryer after doing a load [straight dope]

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