kill the last 2 hours of work links

even though i wish it was the weekend already, i am still doing some work from home. i don’t feel all that great doing work from the bathroom (thank you wireless networking), so i’m pushing these links out while i push out some other stuff.

-> excellent article on the complete story of how america lost the war on drugs. i think the solution is treatment and not trying to stop at the source because there will always be new drugs in new regions of the world [rolling stone]

-> walmart is selling iphones for $2 cheaper than regular retail and sales are booming now that the economy sucks. here’s a map of how fast they have grown [flowingdata]

-> mustachios are coming back from the dead. i think it’s brad pitt growing one out giving people ideas like myself. i was getting a little bored of mine but i think i’m going to give it another try [handlebar club]

-> each year google reports on the search trends from the prior year, which is called zeitgeist. interesting search terms indeed [google zeitgeist]


-> there’s an iphone app to add toilet location information around the world to a public database. using the iphone’s gps, you can then know how close the nearest publicly-reachable toilet is and even rank them by cleanliness. for example, you can know the nearest one is maybe a crack-hole place but you can walk a block and use a nice one at a hotel [sit or squat]

happy weekend lamerz.

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