almost the weekend linkage action

the nice thing about having a holiday during the week is twofold – you get the initial three-day weekend and then the following work week is only four days long. so, on that note, i’ve put in 12 hours of work this week so far and i’m officially headed towards the weekend!

-> i wasn’t going to give the octuplet mom nadya suleman the benefit of getting some space on, but i figure it’s worth it because it depicts her in an ugly, negative way [celebitchy]

-> just knowing someone’s beer preferences really indicates what kind of person they are. can we just get barack obama in for a lifetime term already? [chicago tribune]

-> someone (single) built the entire rebel separatist landing craft out of lego’s [gizmodo]

-> riding bart isn’t all that exciting as most of the seats face frontwards or backwards. in some other subway systems, thought, the seats all face each other so you can get some interesting shots [dilidoo]

-> who would have thought that people in ohio have a sense of humor? the following plates were denied by their dmv – the story has a link to all of them []

i’m proud to say that i have a lot of relatives in ohio. happy wednesday beezies.

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