mateo in the hospital

mateo has spent the last couple days at kaiser hayward because of some bronchiolitis. it’s pretty common among the little ones and a few other kids here are suffering from the same thing. it’s been with him for a week already the doctor said it could be another week before he’s back to normal. it’s probaby safer to spend the night in the hospital in case thing get worse because you don’t want to mess around with respiratory stuff too much, especially at 5 months old.

here’s mateo with his first two teeth cutting through:

on that note, i’ve assembled the following thoughts:

-> i haven’t showered since wednesday morning, but don’t feel all that dirty

-> the left shoulder of my shirt has some crusty dried throw-up

-> why are most nurses from the philippines?

-> why does the hospital cafeteria sell bacon cheeseburgers?

-> i can already see the days of the teen girls hanging out at the house waiting for one of my boys to give them the time of day

-> mateo rode from kaiser fremont to kaiser hayward in an ambulance. it was nothing serious but i think thats just how kaiser transports patients between hospitals. i asked them to turn the lights on but they declined. i rode in the ambulance with the baby just to make sure he would be fine and it was nice to ride in an ambulance without actually being the one strapped in the gurney.

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