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monday morning distractions

i always have the best intentions of starting monday morning with a bang, finishing stuff that i neglected to finish on friday and getting a bunch of stuff done…then the internet calls and starts to suck the life out of me. this is what did it today:

-> google maps tells you how to get from seattle to honolulu in ~14 days [google maps]

-> 23-year-old east coast guy defends himself from getting mugged at fruitvale bart, killing one would-be robber and injuring the other. father of killed mugger, “…wants someone to pay for this.” [sfgate]

-> although, instead of just killing your muggers, make a “muggers wallet” to give over in case you get robbed – very nifty idea [wikihow]

-> new batteries are coated with a solar charging film. when the batteries go dead, leave them on a windowsill for a short while to make them recharge [gizmodo]

-> excellent iphone app to show you the nearest coffee shops using your gps as reference. how did we make it this far in life without something like this [tweakersoft]

-> tearjerker-story-of-the-day: construction workers on the new wing of a cancer treatment center in boston paint the names of the kids on the beams as they work – at the kids requests []

-> the bart police still have some phones from that johannes meserle shooting that were confiscated and never returned. insane in the membrane first amendment violations abound! [indybay]

-> some sf supe wants to tone down the b2b race. the solution – responsible parents keeping their kids away from the whole thing like i do []

seriously, what’s the harm in seeing stuff like this?

pictures stolen from [sfgate]

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