the big (giant) unit

i’m excited to see randy johnson pitch for the giants this season. he’s 5 victories short of 300 but still dominates hitters with a brushback chin-high zinger every once in a while. his pitch speed is down to low 90’s but i think a lot of batters are still hesitant to face him. his 2nd-half ERA last year was in the mid 2’s. he’ll also be a good tutor to the giants young arms. i’m not sure barry zito was set to be the leader yet in the clubhouse. maybe in arizona, the mullet was cool but he should get a more sf-friendly haircut before he makes his debut at att park.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — The San Francisco Giants, having faced 6-foot-10 Randy Johnson more than any sadist would suggest, figured after signing him this off-season that the coast was clear. No more sidearm fastballs at their ribs. No more leg-trembling at-bats against the most intimidating left-hander of their lives.

Or so they thought. In Johnson’s first throwing session against Giants hitters on Saturday, his new teammates took a few too many pitches for his taste. Unabashedly incensed, Johnson grumbled afterward, “Swing the stinking bat!”

“Something tells me the next guy who takes a pitch against Randy’ll get a fastball right in the cranium,” one Giants player said, requesting anonymity because he preferred not to be that guy.

randy johnson loses a little off the fastball, but not the reputation [ny times]

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