visit other websites please

it’s been slow here as of late, so i’m redirecting to you other websites that have some new, inspired content vs the useless drabble that i usually post.

-> accurate representation of my standing among friends and family [graphjam]

-> always make sure you clear your own computer of porn before reporting someone else to the authorities about porn – gotta love her picture, too [smoking gun]

-> its always easier to just try and make friends instead of forcing someone to like you through fear [nova]

-> create your own skittles flavored vodka for the next party. i never liked the yellow and green much, i’m more into the red & purple [lifehacker]

-> this is why you’re fat []

ham sandwich topped with 11 sunny-side-up eggs

the treasure loaf: ground spam cubes with a velveeta center and topped with melted velveeta.


happy lá fhéile pádraig

who knew anakin was of irish descent?

pictures below are from the irish women’s rugby team. how exciting is it to watch women tackle each other in the name of sports, although it would be better if they were a touch prettier.

i also like that the catholic church will allow meat consumption if st paddy’s day falles on a friday in lent:

The feast day usually falls during Lent; if it falls on a Friday of Lent (unless it is Good Friday), the obligation to abstain from eating meat can be lifted by the local bishop. [wiki]

it would be great to throw down some beer and corned beef today somehow.

[update: i just saw this today, but i don’t want to wait till next year to post the picture]

here’s a chair especially made for men wearing kilts. i wonder if this is a commodity item in ireland?

i gotta get me one of these.

last post of the week links

i might not have time to post again since we’ll be up to our noses in snow this weekend. that means lake tahoe, mikey roberts!

-> not funny to some people, but a humorous take on why this guy rejects EVOLUTION [deviantart]

-> useful tutorial on how to get good pictures out of the built-in camera on the iphone []

-> the US military is helping soldiers with PTSD by making them drop and listen to trance music. kidding on the trance music part. the headline is killer – “…treatment draws rave reviews.” []

-> you know the economy is getting bad when staff at the “cheers” bar in boston is getting laid off [sf gate]

-> fetish site dedicated to clothed boys showing their armpits. Example pic below – you’re welcome []

have a great weekend BEEZIES.

thursday morning’s productivity drain

i don’t think i suffer from some attention disorder but there’s usually one thing a day that a website or a friend suggests which brings productivity to near zero. it could be a new lego set, a photo spread of a celebrity or anything with some skin. today, it’s idaft…produced by someone in friendly argentina. if you know daft punk, you can have this handy to create some interesting mixes.


jerry’s deli accused of fraud – mr p laughing

As part of a statewide sting to crack down on unscrupulous clerks and store owners, undercover California Lottery investigators went to several retailers in Santa Clara County in December and handed the clerks a decoy winning $1,000 scratcher, asking if they had won. At five of the stores, the clerks told the investigators that the ticket was not a winner and then went on to file a claim with the California Lottery as if the winning ticket was theirs.

growing up in the pines, jerry’s was the spot. mr p would never cheat his clients this way so it sucks that it had to come to this.

[sj mercury news]

sunny weekend link party

swallow these links knowing we’re all going to get robbed of one hour of sleep this weekend because DST is tomorrow. did you know that arizona and hawaii don’t follow DST? and some parts of indiana as well?

-> worth1000 pictures what life would be like if women ruled the world, as if they don’t already [worth1000]

-> for those of you tired of beer pong, check out these drinking games. also, you could just grow up and drink at a bar like normal people []

-> seems like debt collection agencies are tricking the next of kin into paying the debts of the recently deceased. do all debt collectors look like that? [ny times]

-> i’m still trying to decide if this website is real or parody. the sad part is that it’s even up for debate [christwire]

say no to crack

my daughter sent me this while she was waiting to get some new tires on her car. i’m so proud that she’s able to pick this stuff out – i have a tear in my eye.

i’m not sure if the tear is from pride or regret.