sunny weekend link party

swallow these links knowing we’re all going to get robbed of one hour of sleep this weekend because DST is tomorrow. did you know that arizona and hawaii don’t follow DST? and some parts of indiana as well?

-> worth1000 pictures what life would be like if women ruled the world, as if they don’t already [worth1000]

-> for those of you tired of beer pong, check out these drinking games. also, you could just grow up and drink at a bar like normal people []

-> seems like debt collection agencies are tricking the next of kin into paying the debts of the recently deceased. do all debt collectors look like that? [ny times]

-> i’m still trying to decide if this website is real or parody. the sad part is that it’s even up for debate [christwire]

say no to crack

my daughter sent me this while she was waiting to get some new tires on her car. i’m so proud that she’s able to pick this stuff out – i have a tear in my eye.

i’m not sure if the tear is from pride or regret.